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Largest Discord & Social Media Advertising server where you can promote/list, now also offers:
• Giveaways
• Youtube/Instagram/Other Advertising
• Self-Assignable Roles / Paid Roles
• Custom Coded GameMode
• Memes
• 3000+ members
• Politics
• Entertainment/Fun Bots
• Server/media channels to advertise your content into
• Promotable roles
• Friendly Staff members +more
Official Website:
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Welcome To TGaming, In TGaming We Do Events, We play Lots Of Games With other people, we also have the NEWS which will tell you the news about youtubers and other stuff. Come Check us Out! It would help us a lot!
1 minutes ago
A Zombie Apocolypse server, with extra realism to keep ya immersed. ERP is allowed but in certain NSFW channels.
1 minutes ago
This server is a safe shelter for anyone. Here, we treat eachother like family. Expressing yourself and sharing your ideas is highly appreciated!
➺ Rewards for every role reached
➺ Self-assignable roles
➺ Meet new people
➺ Advertise your social media
➺ Express yourself without being judged
This server is new, so not many things have been added yet. We hope to get more members to help us out. Member suggestions are always taken into consideration to make sure everyone feels welcomed.
Server link:
4 minutes ago
A right-libertarian oriented MBTI/Enneagram/Instinctual Variant personality type server. Specifically an alternative to the alt-right/ethno-state meme servers.
5 minutes ago
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-=-=-= Anime Viewing Parties & video games | Everyone is welcome! We would love to meet you & play some games with you! =-=-=-
5 minutes ago
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Central Gaming is a Discord server for all, we accept anyone and
everyone, the point of our discord is to help everyone communicate
with friends, you can play many different games and join our different
channels so you can talk with your friends, we look forward to seeing you!
5 minutes ago
we are a small pokècord community who aims to catch all the pokèmon we can, we currently have very few members (18 at time of posting) but we do have good bots for music, playing mini games and more. Please join us here and have a wonderful time.
5 minutes ago
Anime and Manga 47

Active Members, Anime Web-Hooks, Bot Channels, Manga, High Quality Soundtracks, Music, Anime OST Rip Channels, Composer OST Covers, DJ, Food, Art, Bot Games, Leveling, Fun Friendly Staff + Members.
6 minutes ago
Economy | Royal | Military | Clergy | Combat
A safe Medieval Roleplaying environment for everyone. Europe in the middle ages, realistic but alternate history!
6 minutes ago
Asta este un server de discord facut pentru toti!
Aici suntem o comunitate mare de gameri! Asa ca daca cauti jucatori pentru : PUBG , GTA5 , FIVEM , BATTLERITE si LEAGUE OF LEGENDS puteti intra aici!
Have Fun! Si va asteptam cu cat mai multi playeri!
8 minutes ago
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Waifu Heaven:
Our server's main goal is to project a cozy atmosphere with everyone that joins us!
So don't hesitate to become part of our heavenly Waifu Paradise!
We promise you a warm welcome & a variety of activities so everyone can be included! Come say hi!


・League of Legends
・Blade & Soul

Technical Stuff:
・Self-assignable Roles & Colors
・Currency & Gambling
・Global Leveling System
・Profiles - Clubs
・Music/Radio Bots
・GIF interactions
10 minutes ago
Community 5215
A meme server with special people. Everyone is welcome!
10 minutes ago
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A Haikyuu RP server where all Haikyuu related RP and chatting can take place! Come join us in a shipping and team adventure!
13 minutes ago
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The Other Guys is a multi-gaming group founded on the basis of drama-free, casual fun. We are a very tight-knit community, and we take everyone's opinions very seriously. We currently have over 300+ members, most of which are quite active, playing all types of games; from Rocket League, to Escape From Tarkov. We have begun hosting weekly casual game nights, most often with free games being played by large groups of members. We aim to offer a mature, helpful, and friendly environment to all members.

We are pretty lax about age requirements here at OG. We have a few members under the age of 18, and all we ask is that you act in a mature, respectful manner, regardless of your age. We vehemently avoid discussing topics such as religious or political affiliation, among other controversial topics, when in large groups to subdue any meaningless arguments before they can occur. We don't ask much, just be a cool person! And tell 'em Highnoon sent ya!
113 minutes ago
114 minutes ago
Anime and Manga 66
We have something for everyone such as hentai, various artistic channels, tech chat, gaming chat, and much more!
16 minutes ago
Salut marin d'eaux douces!
Je t'invite a venir nous rejoindre pour faire des parties de League of Legends (ou autre) dans une bonne ambiance.
On est un groupe d'amis (entre 20 et 35 ans) et on se retrouve en général en soirée pour s'amuser tous ensemble.
Tu es le bienvenu parmis nous si tu le souhaites!

tag : fr french francais français lol wow overwatch fortnite
116 minutes ago
This is a brand new One Piece server where all of your pirate dreams come true! You can chat with friends on the new episodes and manga chapters! Explore in deep conversation in our chatrooms. Embrace one another, and indulge in some guilty pleasure fan art!
117 minutes ago
Heyo, wir sind mit die größte deutsche Entwicklercommunity auf Discord - eine Plattform für Anfänger, Profis oder einfach nur Interessierte. Wir unterhalten uns, diskutieren, supporten aber nicht nur rund ums Thema Technik & Co. Tags: Entwickler Deutsch, German, DE Technik
117 minutes ago
Weeb Kingdom is a laid-back community server where you can talk about anything. We have fun bots like Pokècord, music bots, active staff, self-assignable roles/colors (choose from 95 colors!) and dedicated channels.

Come on in!
117 minutes ago
16+ server filled with chill people. We some weebs too so yall can run with that. LoL and Overwatch are the primary games we play but we play other ones too (we flexible ;) ). Drop by we so Miki bot can throw it back on you.
19 minutes ago