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Epichroma normal
Epichroma is an art community that's ideal for artists looking to grow and improve. Users are rewarded using two progession systems: One for personal skill advancement, the other for how much you give back to the community. We have a sizeable professional userbase here.
Ahri In Your Area normal
A friendly place welcoming everyone, even if they are not league players! We've got level system, art, memes, kpop channels and an option to create your own custom role at level 20. The leveling system works just like Mee6's, just we have our own personal bot for that. Additionally, we hold events with money prizes, such as art contests, league tournaments.
The Neko Café - Anime & Gaming normal
We are a active,growing & friendly Anime & Gaming community with weekly events,friendly atmosphere,giveaways,custom roles,kemonomimis and much more. we primarily focus on Anime and Gaming but have a diverse group of people with lots of different interests. come check us out!!
Art Commissions normal
A social gathering place for fellow artist sharing their piece of art with each other, asking for feedback and mentoring. Multiple artists advertising their commission service. You have plenty of art style to choose from.
DailyArtGrind normal
We're an upcoming art community. Join us to share/appreciate art or just make new friends :)