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Ventureland normal
A fun and active community awaits you. You can choose to interact with people who play on the active Minecraft server or choose to spend your time catch pokemon during your free time. Have fun and enjoy. IP:
Nurse Joys Pokémon Showdown League normal
If you play Pokémon Showdown than This is the best server for you to join! It’s the biggest showdown server on discord If you play Pokecord than this is perfect for you too we even have a way to earn hundreds of thousands of credits!
Pokė Paradise normal
We are Poke Paradise, a paradise of pokecord, nadeko, and many more of your favorite bots! We have: Pokecord! Non-toxic community! Anti-Raid system! Awesome inviting people! Awesome people! Awesome giveaways! Fastest growing Pokecord server!
Poké Dynasty normal
------------------------------------------------------------------ Poké Dynasty ------------------------------------------------------------------ A fun server consisting of 500+ members, Dynasty is based on the very popular bot, Pokécord. But that is not the only thing we have in store, we also have fun bots like Dank Memer and Mee6. Our server is unique because we have a fun ranking system which involves pokémon gymsand elite 4. Try giving
Pokéverse normal
We're a Pokemon-based server for all things Pokemon. We have: - Bots (Such as Pokecord and Tatsumaki) - Roles (To be earned by activity) - Active admins and owners - A kind community, who welcome everyone!
Safari Zone normal
The Safari Zone Discord is an extension of the brand new community, Safari Zone, where you can expect a welcoming atmosphere and many people up for chatting about all kinds of different topics, ranging from Pokémon to political discussions. So even if you're not a massive Pokémon fan, we hope you find a great community here at the Safari Zone!