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ChillZone normal
Join 27k+ members at this super active server to meet new friends and just chill in. You also have access to our 3 global emotes!
Disneymonium normal
The Pandemonium is a chill, social discord with an active, and friendly community where you can meet new friends, play games, collect pandas, and watch movies together. We regularly use voice chats, so come talk and hang out with people from around the world
Ankle Papa Squad normal
This server is an growing community focused more on fun and entertainment activities, We have fun bots and many active members you can socialise with. Our server is all about being a squad, As soon as you join people welcome you with open arms.
The Game Center normal
A place to game, socialize and meet new people. You assign yourself the roles you want. - No Annoying @everyone tags - Decent Memes - Free Game Announcements - Conversations You'll Never Forget Factions normal
A Minecraft Factions Server where you can play with your friends to become the biggest faction on th
FriendTalk normal
a friendly server that brings gamers and many people together to talk about many things.
Open Advertisements normal
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