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Yaoi & Yuri Cafe
Yaoi Yuri Roleplay Community Gaming

Welcome to the Yaoi & Yuri Cafe! We're trying to expand and grow, looking for members that want to be apart of a tight knit community/family, whose interests are yaoi and yuri, obviously. Gaming, anime, art, roleplay, etc!

Gamers Paradise
Gaming Friendly Social Active

Our server is a multi gaming discord server which consists of games like Fortnite, Minecraft and even more (only in the other games tab). We are a very small server therefore at the start please don't leave instantly. Have a great time!

Gaming Anime esports Roleplay Pokemon

Looking for an actual active server? A fun community to make friends, game, bots, and so much more? Join!

Advertising Network
Advertising Listing Advert grow Partnerships

Over 20 advertising channels for you and your server to grow.

Discord server Social Mental Health Support

🌼🌸🌺SweetSpot - Super-Sweet Support Server🌺🌸🌼 🧠Mental Health Help ❤️Make Lifelong Friends 🤗Positive Safe Space 🎶Poetry & Music

[S] ©Snom Squad HQ™
Trading battling shiny raids

Pokémon HQ is a chill community looking for more members! We welcome everyone that's not toxic. We share dudu codes, do a lot of shiny raids, and trade and battle! We also have pokecord for you fast typers! We hope you enjoy your stay

Lewis Capaldi
Lewis Capaldi Music Capaldi Community

We are a tiny, new Fanserver for the Lewis Capaldi Community. Lewis is an uprising scottish singer and songwriter. We would appreciate you to join c:

Fluffy's House
Furry SFW FUN Emotes Memes

Fluffy's house is a Safe For work, furry based server of a cute sticker pack! We are a small and welcoming group of furs to fellow furry's and non furry's.

♡𝕡𝕒𝕩 𝕙𝕒𝕥𝕖 𝕔𝕝𝕦𝕓♡
Hangout Chill Memes

New Horizon | RP Hub
RP Hub Role-playing Community Social

New Horizon is a Discord Hub server specialised for the browsing of new or existing Role-play to join or advertise your own. If you're looking for Role-play partnership, staff or a place to network with RPers then this is the place to b

Community Social Support bot

Introducing Duck-Bot! Duck-Bot has moderation and many more fun commands! Features are always being added and community feedback helps!

Boogle Official
Community Support Crypto Technology business

Earning from doing searches on search engine is no longer a dream! Boogle is a decentralized search engine where you can • Earn as you search, • Use inbuilt VPN that bypass firewalls, • We don’t store user’s data

*Nerdz mit Herz*
Gaming zocken FUN deutsch spiele

- Bist du ein Zocker mit Herz ♥ und Verstand? - Suchst du leute für lustige Spieleabende? - magst du Pizza? Wenn du alles mit "ja" beantworten kannst, ist dieser Server womöglich etwas für dich. Komm vorbei! =) Deutsch

Romania CHAT Gaming FUN Community

Romania / Gaming / Community

Reward XP
GPT Giveaways Rewards

Established in 2018, we're a boutique rewards site delivering top rates and rewarding experiences through gaming, technology, and our community. Offers for over 100 countries, support and giveaways on Discord, and payouts within 24 hour

Community MAGA Gaming right awoo

KGG was formed to promote the values and traditions that made gaming great. KGG stands for KEEP Gaming Great. The community is constantly growing with people ideologically right of center.

- Weeb Friends -
Anime Games Community Movies Music

• Friendly Community • Anime • Memes • Games • • Join in and have a good time •

Multi Fandom
marvel dc Roleplay crossover multiverse Anime

A restart of the server where all the multiverses collide, DC, Marvel, Anime, Harry Potter, Star Wars, LOTR, The Doctor, Avatar: The Last Airbender, anything! LGBTQ+ Friendly and Semi-Literate server (LOTS OF CHARACTERS AVAILABLE!)

Pokecord Catching Community 2
Pokemon Pokecord

Welcome to Pokecord Catching Community 2! PCC 2 is all about connecting our users together and always looking out for the vast community of Pokecorders, due to our old 400 member server being striked down by discord we are are trying to

Share The Meme
Memes Games FUN

Welcome to Share The Meme! Its a meme server, with a small, but great community. We post memes, make original memes, and have meme compilation videos. The best part is, we offer a adjusted, censored experience to those who want it.

Nintendo Univers [FR] - WebSPELL
nintendo Switch Mario Smash Bros Pokémon

Serveur officiel de la communauté Nintendo Univers [FR]

Xtreme Modern Warfare
Call of Duty Cod multiplayer Zombies

Come join our modern warfare discord. If your looking to play the campaign, jump into a party for zombies, multiplayer, battle royale, or any other game mode we are the place for you. We are also recruiting top talent for our Esports team.

Xtreme Gaming Community
Fortnite Customs zone wars Tournaments Gaming

We are a Fortnite Gaming Community. We host Zone Wars, Custom Matches, Tournaments and other special Events.

Xtreme Box Fights
Fortnite box fights zone wars Tournaments Gaming

We are a fortnite gaming community. We host Custom Matches, Zone wars, Tournaments,box fights, and other Events