Frequently asked questions

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- What is Discord Servers List?
Discord Servers List is a website that provides opportunity to advertise your discord server. We are interested on helping discord owners to get members.

- How i can add my server?
In order to add your server, first of all you have to log in with you discord account. Afterwards, you have to click "Add Server" and choose the server which you want to add. In the end, you have to fill the form (short description, long description, tags and permanent join link) and click save.

- How i can promote my server?
We have a bump system that allows to promote your server higher in Discord Servers List. You can bump your server in "My Servers". You can bump every 5 hours.

- Why is there an error in "My Servers"?
The error appears in user panel only if you have expired link. If you see the error, please change the join link to permanent link

- Where i can contact with staff?
To contact with staff, please join SUPPORT DISCORD