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The mountain town of Aurora Springs was founded by former Lt. Freya Rosewell, reconstructed entirely on the heiress’s fortune in her vision of an oasis away from the high demand of the city. This oasis is unrivaled when it comes to recreational and outdoor activities. From hiking through our pristine nature park to boating and camping out near a beautiful lake. For being relatively small, Aurora Springs offers their residents and college students of the esteemed Mountcrest University an astounding number of recreational attractions. From bars with live music and nightclubs to restaurants, the town has become a highly sought out place to both study, start a business and most of all, a place to call home. The students of Mountcrest dream, play and obsess about a better everything. For everyone. At any given moment, someone here is planning for what might be, what will be and what we hope will never be, so that our shared future is bright. Through cross-cutting innovations distinctive to Mountcrest University, we strive to expand the student experience through personal engagement with our professors and advance knowledge through innovations in “creative” inquiry.