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Want to join a RP server where you are allowed to join with any type of OCs without getting rejected or do you even feel like you gotta work hard to impress some stuck-up artists that may or may not judge you? Well, this server may be for you! It has an easy to follow lore, which should be easy for about everyone to join! About any kind of characters are more than welcome to join as long as it doesn't violate the RP rules! And artists will be ensured to be friendly and non-judgmental. Oh yeah, and no more worrying about whether you're able to exist without people straight up insulting you or such for no reasons at all. We make sure to snuff out sad, lifeless, toxic trolls with the best of our ability while also balancing it out with a bit of chill fun. We have channels for the following (but not limited to): - Venting/Ranting - Debating - Different types of arts - Edgelords - Commissions - Voice - Music - Crack RPs - Actual RPs - Partnerships