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W̴̌͌Ȅ̸̕L̸͊̃C̴͆̈́O̸͊͛M̵̆̀E̴͕̾ ̵̒̀T̶͐̿Ơ̵͝ ̸̺͠1̴̃͂.̸͆̓0̸͊͘_̶̓̏G̴͐̿L̵̤̆I̶͊̍T̴̠̄Ć̶̌H̶͆͗ This is a server for those of all interests, We have giveaways weekly, Tech support, Music creation, art creation and tips, and tons more. We do not contain a nsfw section due to there recently being underage members using it, As it is not in my control I do not want to condone such act so I have discarded it completely, I may add it back later but for not it is not available. Currently we are trying to build up members to be a large community, If you wanna help please join right away the server might now be very active, but wait it out until it is please. Ive been working non-stop to advertise this server and im hoping it pays off :> Tech, Gaming, Art, Xbox, PC, Fortnite, COD, Music Making, Music Creation, Fun, Random, Everything, Art critique, Music critique, small, big, much more