Pokecord Catching Community 2

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Server Description

Welcome to Pokecord Catching Community 2! PCC 2 is all about connecting our users together and always looking out for the vast community of Pokecorders, due to our old 400 member server being striked down by discord we are are trying to save it by making PCC 2! Here's what PCC 2 has to offer: -Trading -Duelling -Giveaways -Friendly Helpers and Admins -Many Helpful channels like #whos-that-pokemon, #question-and-help and #report-members. -If your feeling like PCC 2 needs new features or emojis then contribute your ideas to #server-suggestions and #emoji-suggestions! (Please do not request gyms or daycares). -You get to gain access to private spam channels as you level up. -A #starter-spam only new people can access. -If you don't like getting sniped (People stealing your pokemon) we have a special #no-snipe-channel. Now that you have Read our Description, come join us we are always looking for new Pokecorders to help out, LETS SAVE PCC!!! Come start your journey with PCC!