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Pastel Union
Anime Emotes Manga BOTS Active

hihi! Welcome to Pastel Union! 🌠 Here we have a ton of fun things like.. ⭐Active Members ⭐Fun Events ⭐Cute Emotes ⭐Bots ⭐Staff Applications ⭐and last of all.. nightcore! we hope you see you there!🌺❤

Everyone In!
BOTS Nightcore

Our Discord server is about getting support and even meeting a few new people in the process. It’s a open stress free environment where people are free to talk about anything they are dealing with. Our goal is to support and help people w

Rpg Universe
RPG FUN Memes BOTS Games

Just have fun and do regular rpg things. Get roles, level up, play fun rpg games made by bots! Choose your side.. light or dark? The choice is yours! If you join I wish you a exciting adventure!

Mercs of Morioh
Community Anime Gaming Jojo BOTS

We are a growing anime/manga/gaming community with a special emphasis on user interaction! We like to keep things fun with questions of the day/discussions, polls, controversial opinion posts, memes, man

marks slave bot support!™
BOTS Support bot Memes Community

a fun server to sit and chat and make friends! we have our own discord bot, janual! he has 30+ commands for you to use! he will punch, kick, slap, or snap other user out of existence! we hope to see you their!

Sword's Hangout
Community Friendly BOTS

Hello! Looking for another community to be active in, and look for more friends? Well you’re in luck, because https://discord.gg/pT7D4QU has what you need! We have: - Cool bots to have fun with - A nice community of 100+ members - A fl

Skye's Hell 2
Community Social mudae BOTS FUN

We're a server that is dedicated to being stupid and making friends. If this sounds like you, why not join?

P O T E T V 2

Either the best-worst server or the worst-best server you will ever find. Do your thing. *S O C I A

Nerd Network
Gaming Nerds BOTS Geeks Ranks

We are a small community, with a great team, and we would like to see you on our Server, which is made by Nerds for Nerds.

Indigo's chatting server
Music BOTS Mee6 levels

We are a growing community to get friends/ or just talk with people, listen to music. You decide! Its all here!

Universe Gaming
Gaming FUN Chill New BOTS

Wir sind eine kleine CSGO und R6 Community die auch gerne paar andere Spiele spielt. Schau einfach mal vorbei:)

Ajax Lounge
Community Discord Support Forum BOTS

Come and join the Ajax Community! A server for everyone and anyone. We offer a community center, where discussions & events can take place. Not only are we just a community, but we offer some special services including our very own bot Ajax

Gabe's Greenhouse
Gaming Anime BOTS Community pets

Chill server that was originally focused on Rex#0420's bots, but is more than that now!

The Bot Farm
BOTS game FUN Social Community

A community based on bots and testing!