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T h e Y e e t S t a t i o n™
Chill Social Memes Gaming Anime

If what you're looking for are chill conversations, cool people from all around the world, and some casual gaming, then you should join us!

UwU Central
Friendly Chill Memes 15+ 1-1Ratio

Do you want to find friends? Discuss interesting topics? Play videogames and online board games? Share memes, photos, art, and music? Then "UwU Central" is the server you were looking for! Here you can do all of the above and more

Alix's Lounge
Community Chill Active CHAT Memes

Community server, memes, chill people – small community so far but growing steadily! Would love to have more members so we can host events like Skribbl.io, movie nights, survivor simulator, and much more! Come hang out with us!

Thomas his Place
Social Chill CHAT Gaming Friends

A discord server that is just a place where everyone can chill.

Hardstyle 4 Ever ✨
Music musique Communauté hardstyle Chill

"Hardstyle 4 Ever" est un serveur fait pour parler de hardstyle.

Community Social Chill Games Customization

Welcome to Irion! We're a community server with a focus on fun. We're open to anyone who is looking for a place to chill. :)

Chill Community Gaming Music FUN

This is a server meant for everyone, no matter your interests, that way you can meet others and have a positive home here. This was also made by litlevelyn for her twitch following, her littles.

Chips, Dip, & Hentai
Chill Memes NSFW Community FUN

We are an NSFW Community with fairly relaxed rules based mostly around memes with multiple SFW and NSFW chat and image channels with over 100 users and looking to grow!

DJ Irish Panda's Discord Server
Music Community Friends Chill Gaming

This is a Community server in a way to chat. In order to access any NSFW you must be at least 21 years of age or older, by verifying, you need to DM the owner with your State ID or state DLID.

BrownBears boutta die
Anime Gaming FUN Friendly Chill

We are an community with Anime and Videogames. The community is nice and isnt toxic! We make some Events with cool prizes like money, steam wallet gift cards, games and more!

Chill Gaming Anime

we are moderately active and we like playing games, you can advertise here.

The Hentai Enthusiasts
NSFW Anime CHAT Chill hentai

Looking for a social hentai server? Come join us! Wanna chill with us cool people who talk about anime and games? Come join us!

49090 Join Server
Chill Corner
Chill Community Calm

Chill Corner Chill Corner We're a small community with a super nice and friendly, welcoming homey f

Français French Chill

Hey! Anthrax est un serveur appartenant à axephir mais aussi à vous ! Car oui, le serveur évolue en fonction des besoins de la communauté donc venez y ajouter votre petite touche personnelle ! ^^ Actuellement sur le serveur il y a :

Gamaholic Guardians
Gaming Community Apex Legends League of Leg Chill

Welcome to Gamaholic Guardians! We are a gaming based community that contains all sorts of players from YOUR favorite games! Join today!

Pandora Gaming
Gaming CHAT Chill

You can talk about any game you like

Nitro Emotes Chill

Our server is mostly revolved around League Of Legends, with ff20 bot that provides news on LOL. We are very lenient on our rules. We welcome all people that want to join this server. We hope you will find our server fun.

Social Gaming Minecraft Chill

A server made in 10 minutes just for socializing about anything.

Gaming Mode
Gaming Chill Social Community

Welcome to *Gaming Mode* We are a community of gamers that really just want to have fun and enjoy games with other people who have the same feelings we have about games if you think that is for you than we welcome you to join us and our gro

photography ART Friendly Critique Chill

Friendly, chill, non-toxic photography community!50+ cool custom-made emotes & cute dino mascotRespectful conversation + colorful, pleasing aesthetic guaranteedNo NSFWNew server [April 18. 2019]

Universe Gaming
Gaming FUN Chill New BOTS

Wir sind eine kleine CSGO und R6 Community die auch gerne paar andere Spiele spielt. Schau einfach mal vorbei:)

Community Gaming gamer Chill CHAT

Are you a gamer or looking for a community? Risky is the server for you. We have customisable roles and ranks to help you stand out and connect. Submit your funniest memes, join in the general chat, or listen to music and chill.

Chill make friends Partnership FUN activities

This is a fun server with many things to do and mostly everyone here is friendly. We aren't too strict as well. I hope you have fun 😊

Yume Network
Gaming Community Chill Familly Yume

Le Yume Network est une communauté chill et ouverte.