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Political Debate
Politics Debate Philosophy political

A Political Debate server with members from many ideologies! Daily debate topics, exclusive channels, and self-assignable reaction roles.

Pseudo Think Tank
Politics Debate Philosophy Arguments Gaming

The Colony Io is a humble server created for Debate & Substantive Discussion and for Chilling with Video Games, Anime, and Music.

Spoopy Ænime Debators
Anime Debate Memes NSFW Politics

This is an unfriendly community of friendly people. If you get what I mean. The rules are simple, bullying bullies who get bullied by bullies so we may or may not bully bullies. Also, by any means possible, follow the law which governs

Politics Debate Religion Philosophy freedom

Freedom from tyrannical moderators.

political Debate Politics Philosophy Religion

Politicord is a social discord server with a political focus. We also offer various topics to debate or just meme about, but our main goal is just for everyone to have fun.

Pax Politica
Politics Debate conservative liberal Gaming

Eccentric political server with quality banter and discussion

Discord Done Left
socialism Communism leftism Debate Politics

Discord Done Left is dedicated to educational debate. We focus on leftist politics (ie democratic socialism, anarchist communism, Marxism-Leninism) but all types are welcome. Games: Stellaris, Minecraft, Tabletop, Secret Hitler