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Fluffy's House
Furry SFW FUN Emotes Memes

Fluffy's house is a Safe For work, furry based server of a cute sticker pack! We are a small and welcoming group of furs to fellow furry's and non furry's.

Cell F-2
Anime Manga Furry Roleplay

This server is for me, my madness & my friends. You can join too if you want πŸ₯€

The Eastern Pack
Furry nsfw 18+only Community Friendly

Welcome to the Eastern Pack! We are a friendly furry Roleplay community based in a pack structure with our own unique lore and much more We would love for you to join us in this growing Furry community and help us make this the best rp ex

Furrycord 🐺
Furry ART SFW Gaming Community

FurryCord is a growing SFW focused community. Come join today and take part in our vibrant server!

Furry Friendly FUN

A furry community to hang out and have fun

Furry hentai Anime PUBG Fortnite

Join the fucking server.

πŸ‘‘ Hall Of Yiff πŸ‘‘
Furry yiff NSFW 18+ hentai

The main goal of this server is to include a toxic-free space for all no matter what fandom you are in and no matter what gender you are.

Dislemo - Furry Server
Furry Roleplay Community Community

a smol server im willing too fill up!

Furry Club
Furry autism Gaming NSFW Community

Hi we are a small chill 16+ discord sever just starting out we have active staff and growing very fast looking for more people to come hang out and have fun with us so much more come join and have fun make some new friends.

NSFW Furry
NSFW Furry Gay yiff Furries

Only Yiff ;3

house of coom
Memes kike Furry intellectual Discussions

nsfw+, memes, shitposting, and politically incorrect.

Fur Club
Furry club Community

a normal furry club!

The Royalè Palms Resort!
Community Furry SFW Roleplay Memes

Welcome to the royal palms resort Located in the island of banoi We have a evergrowing server that is SFW You can make friends roleplay chat ! and so much more Here no one is unwelcome We welcome Furries Scalies LGTBTQ disabled people and

Furry Furry Fandom NSFW Community Roleplay

Official Discord for FurFang Social Furry Network | A friendly open Furry Community, Where every voice is heard! (Ran by 10 Year Furry Veteran)

πŸŽƒ Hall Of Yiff πŸŽƒ
Furry NSFW Roleplay Gaming 18+

This server is an up and coming furry one. The goal of the server is to bring Many fandoms together to a judge free, kink shame and toxic free environment. What this server includes: ~Tons of yiff and themed yiff ~Nsfw furry bot ~le

The Yiff Lounge
yiff Furry NSFW

An NSFW Furry Server with over 3500 members. We have several channels for general discussion, socializing, roleplaying and voice-chat.

Subs and Switch Space
NSFW Furry pony Roleplay bdsm

SaSS is an 18+ pony and furry server meant for erp, sharing lewd art, and a bunch of kinky stuff in general. We will happily accept anyone that comes in no matter their sexuality or dominance. We don't bite.. Unless you're into that

DJ Irish Panda's Public Discord Server
Music remix Community Furry

This is a community server from youtube where artist can collab and chat along with gaming..

Berry's Furry Hangout
Furry Furries Hangout Community fur

"A simple, friendly furry server for anyfur"

Yaoi // Geeks
Yaoi bara Furry Gay ART

We're an active Yaoi and Gaming community. Join in and be part of the fun~