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Yaoi Dungeon
Yaoi Anime Manga Games Social

Yaoi Dungeon is Discord's friendliest yaoi server! Stop by to share BL art, talk about manga/webtoons, and make friends from across the world! We'd be happy to have you!

Sharing is Caring
Anime Manga Games Community Music

A very new server with multiple interests! You can come to share what you do or like, and hang out with people! There's a SFW and NSFW zones!

Community Social Chill Games Customization

Welcome to Irion! We're a community server with a focus on fun. We're open to anyone who is looking for a place to chill. :)

Play Cord ©
Community Games Gaming LOVE

Dein Netzwerk! Deine Community! Deine Entscheidung!

2Fort Frontline HQ
2fort tf2 Games Military

This is a HQ of 2Fort frontline. Steam group "Operation 2fort" Do you like TF2? Do you like to play on 2fort and ctf? Feel free to join us!

Gamer Girl
Gaming Games FUN

This server was made for you to play with your new friends. Being active means alot to us and our community.

Mega Cat Studios
Gaming Games retro games cats indie gaming

Free games, giveaways, and discussions for fans of new retro and indie games from Mega Cat Studios. Come say hello and take part in our community of cats who have a shared love for pixel art games!

Friends And Fam
Community CHAT Music Games Hangout

A server for all kinds of people this has everything games to music and all, A welcoming server for everyone

Retro Corner
Retro Games Movies English Magyar

If you like to play retro games/modern games, watch retro movies, modern movies then this server is for you!

P O T E T V 2

Either the best-worst server or the worst-best server you will ever find. Do your thing. *S O C I A

discord has talent
make freands talk chalingis Games

have funhttps://discord.gg/jTUPzp

Gaming Streaming multiplayer Games German

A gaming server joinable for everyone who plays Multiplayer games like GTA online, PUBG, Fortnite, CS:GO, ETS 2, Minecraft, LoL or other games. We have an additional chat for streaming members, to help them getting more traffic.

The Core
development osu linux Games Programming

The Core is a Russian community of osu! players, developers, and just good persons. We play games, code (not very) interesting things, discuss technologies and software. Our administration is neutral to everyone to keep beautiful chat.

Community Music Games Memes German

Ein angenehmer Server auf dem man sich mit anderen unterhalten, zusammen zocken, chillen und Musik hren kann.