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Nekos & Chill 🌸
Anime Gaming Community Chill irl

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  Nekos & Chill  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ :🌸: ➳ Custom bot for the server! :🌸: ➳ Many categories and channels :🌸: ➳ A lot of bots such as Nadeko, Mantaro, Pokecord, Mudae, and so much more :🌸

Midnight Milkbar
Community ART Music Lgbt Gaming

A cute little server for you to chat with others and share your art/music!!

State of Survival Official
Gaming Social survival Community

Official Discord Server for State of Survival, an MMORTS created by KingsGroup Holdings

Lgbt Anime Manga osu Gaming

LGBT-Server mit den Schwerpunkten Anime, Manga und Games (vor Allem osu!)

Hytale Hub
Hytale Minecraft Gaming block Chill

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ Hytale Hub ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ *est: December 29th, 2018* An Hytale server full of gamers, who are all excited and loving Hypixels game, Hytale **We have** ✓ Friendly Members! ✓ Tight Security! ✓ Anyone

D00Med's Dungeon
Australia Gaming Friendship ART Anime

D00Med's dungeon is a themed social server, based in Australia, although anyone is welcome. It is a non-toxic place to chat about hobbies and meet people. Members are divided into 4 classes with their own unique channels.

The Weebs Lounge ~ ≧◡≦
Anime Community Manga FUN Gaming

━━━━━━ ୨˚୧ ━━━━⋆˚₊⋆The Weebs Lounge ⋆˚₊⋆━━━━ ୨˚୧ ━━━━━━ 『 Hello and welcome to The Weebs Lounge,We are a SFW only server with lots of fun bots, games, EMOTES,and a very welc

🎃 The Trap House 🎃
Friends Hangout Small Chill Gaming

Looking for a place to make friends? Feel out of place joining a big server or hustling conversations? Fret not! Despite our silly name, we're a really nice server just looking to meet new people and have fun!

Xtreme Box Fights & Clan Wars
Fortnite Customs zone wars Tournaments Gaming

We are a fortnite gaming community. We host Custom Matches, Zone wars, Tournaments, and other Events

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Xtreme Gaming Community
Fortnite Customs zone wars Tournaments Gaming

We are a Fortnite Gaming Community. We host Zone Wars, Custom Matches, Tournaments and other special Events.

YGOPro Percy Adult
Yugioh duellinks ygopro Social Gaming

We are a community of yugioh (YGOPro, Duel Links, etc) fans/players. We are an -unofficial- adult server for YGOPro Percy.

*Nerdz mit Herz*
Gaming zocken FUN deutsch spiele

- Bist du ein Zocker mit Herz ♥ und Verstand? - Suchst du leute für lustige Spieleabende? - magst du Pizza? Wenn du alles mit "ja" beantworten kannst, ist dieser Server womöglich etwas für dich. Komm vorbei! =) Deutsch

Chill Community Gaming Music FUN

Gamers, talent, community. We have it all, but we also have weekly competitions and sometimes large contests that have monetary prizes like discord nitro! Come join and make some friends!

Thomas his Place
Social Chill CHAT Gaming Friends

A discord server that is just a place where everyone can chill.

Lankys clash of clans world
Gaming Social FUN

This server is made for a game on mobile called clash of clans

Romania CHAT Gaming FUN Community

Romania / Gaming / Community

Gaming Social Event

Palindrome est une communauté plutôt simple mais très actif. Des évents sont réalisé fréquemment et même si le serveur est petit, il est bien entretenu.

Shaco's Jungle
Chill Small NSFW Gaming bdsm

chill hang out server with opt-in nsfw and bdsm/kink chat

Kool Kids Klub Lounge
Gaming Rust Chill Active

Relaxed active server with active admins! We play Rainbow 6 Siege, Rust, Minecraft, GTA V, and so much more! We have fun events monthly and are a small and tightly knit community that is always open to new members!

Reward XP
Rewards Giveaways Gaming Community

Come join the rewards site for the gaming community. Play games and complete offers. Earn XP that you can cash out for Robux, Steam cards, Bitcoin, PayPal, and more. No jerk mods, no loot boxes or gambling, and no strings attached giveaways

superior lesbians シ
talk Community Friends Anime Gaming

A server for losers, weirdos, nerds, and idiots, for talking, meeting friends, and more! We are an accepting and growing community for anyone lgbtq, gamers, weebs, and etc! We hope you enjoy your stay!

The Worst Discord Server ( Happy Xmas :] )
Gaming FUN Community Giveaways

Like gaming, giveaways and making friends? Come on in!

Anime Chill Lgbt Gaming Community

We're a recent server looking to branch out, become a family and accept everyone. Weebs, gamers and lgbtq+ are welcome, this server is pretty chill. Looking forward to you :)

Gaming Chill Friends Sesh

Everything you need from a discord server. You can find friends, play with someone, occassional giveaways, community events once the server grows bigger, etc.