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Orion's Diner
Chill Gaming Music youtuber Hangout

Are you searching for a really chill place to share your music, your music taste or just a place to hangout? Well This Orion's Diner, and we'll be glad to have you.

Dnomaid Empire
Hangout FUN CHAT

Free Hangout Server with not annoying rules and very comfortable Find your right spot to support your will

Friends And Fam
Community CHAT Music Games Hangout

A server for all kinds of people this has everything games to music and all, A welcoming server for everyone

Quest For Rain
Risk of Rain Gaming Hangout FUN

For any people that are wanting people to hang out with that play Risk of Rain 2, this is the server for you! Ready to play with you at almost anytime! We got roles that allow you to show what you main so you can find the right people for your team!

Programming Hangout Social

Talk about programming and also if you have no interest in programming go to the global part.

Fabulous Music
Music Memes Hangout Music bot

Hello! Welcome to Fabulous Music we are new to Discord! We welcome all to come and to join and hangout with us!