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❄The Neko beach v2
Community Memes NEKO Anime Dating

The Neko Beach Everything You Need To Satisfy Your Cravings! ◆ Verification System (face-to-username) ◆ Dating ◆ Self Roles - Self assigned roles (and role colors) ◆ Partnerships LINK: https://disco

The Royalè Palms Resort!
Community Furry SFW Roleplay Memes

Welcome to the royal palms resort Located in the island of banoi We have a evergrowing server that is SFW You can make friends roleplay chat ! and so much more Here no one is unwelcome We welcome Furries Scalies LGTBTQ disabled people and

Spoopy Ænime Debators
Anime Debate Memes NSFW Politics

This is an unfriendly community of friendly people. If you get what I mean. The rules are simple, bullying bullies who get bullied by bullies so we may or may not bully bullies. Also, by any means possible, follow the law which governs

The Shrektakuler Church Of Shrek!
shrek ogre MEME Memes Community

do you like shrek? do you like discord? do you like seeing grown ass adults worshiping a fictional cartoon character? if so, you should probably join The Shrektakuler Church Of Shrek!

Anime ART lounge Memes Community

do you like anime? do you like art? do you like memes? do you like all of the above? if so you mat like our server! OtakuLife! we have channels for all needs, you can post art, use bots, post memes, like what you hear? feel free to join!

Dream Bean Coffee ☕
German Chill Events Music Memes

Wir sind ein Deutscher Server der sich über jedes Member freut, ebenso haben wir ab und zu Events.

local gas station
weebs gamers Memes offensive Community

This server is new and just starting off. If you'd like to join to make this small community bigger it'd be awesome. Try to make it chill and fun, don't be a boomer.

Zones RP World
Roleplay Original Lore Memes NSFW

our main focus is rp but we have memes fun bots ect.

There Is No Server
experiment lmao Community Memes

This is an experiment to see how many members we can get in an empty server. No chatting, no voice, no nothing. Despite the lack of chat, we have an actual community somehow lol. Just leave this server in your list and forget about it.

Social Community NSFW Dating Memes

At KVLT we have a lot to offer: ❧ Goth Vibes ❧ Interests channels for art, gaming, tabletop, MBTI and more ❧ 24/7 Active Chat ❧ Interesting People ❧ Music Bots and Active VC ❧ All things Grimdark Join for a good ti

fart but p
Games Memes Community Minecraft tf2

join now, im not gonna write a weird ass thing to grab your attention, just join

Politics United
Politics Beliefs Social FUN Memes

Politics United is a server for political discussion & debates People of all ideologies, opinions, and viewpoint's are more than welcome!

UwU Central
Friendly Chill Memes 16+ 1-1Ratio

Do you want to find friends? Discuss interesting topics? Play videogames and online board games? Share memes, photos, art, and music? Then "UwU Central" is the server you were looking for! Here you can do all of the above and more

NSFW Anime Entertainment Community Memes

Hello you have reached Neusxanity Page please read the long desc for a full in-depth informations or you'll be a little confused!

Charlies Ranch
Community Memes ART Growing

Just your local server, but with a bit of yee in your haw! Just your local server, but with a bit of

Anime Gaming Memes Social humor

Welcome/bienvenido a la comunidad de gamers y freaks de discord

Nani Is The Key
Gaming Memes FUN Friendly Social

This server is for fun and friendly people so anyone and everyone is more than welcome unless the server rules get broken.

Community Music Games Memes German

Ein angenehmer Server auf dem man sich mit anderen unterhalten, zusammen zocken, chillen und Musik hren kann.

🔥Astral Servers RP🔥
Unturned Gaming Active Staff Memes

:fire: ASTRAL SERVERS FULL RP!:fire: :fire:Owner Beast :fire: :fire: Kits,Tpa,Home,Warps and much more! :fire: :fire: exclusive BLT'S :fire: :fire: Active Admins :fire: :fire: FULL RP :fire: :fire:Loads of mods :fire:

🍁 𝗟𝘂𝗺𝗶𝗡𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻
Gaming Memes Economy Music Fortnite

We've got games, memes, an economy, roleplay, music, and an active, fun, wholesome, SFW community. We specialize in Fortnite news, cheat sheets, news, and patches information.

Paradox Community
Memes Gaming

plz join

Gaming Advertise free members Memes Needstaff


New Chicken Empire
Gaming Anime Memes Minecraft Destiny2

join pls my serber very inactive and I believe you can change that. we play games n stuff very cool ye

Gaming Talking/VC Memes Giveaways Support

We have many game channels like GTA5, Fortnite, Rust, and many others. We host giveaways for accounts and roles, and sometimes games. There is a channel for "everything" if you are not interested in games. Need support, ask staff