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Chips, Dip, & Hentai
Chill Memes NSFW Community FUN

We are an NSFW Community with fairly relaxed rules based mostly around memes with multiple SFW and NSFW chat and image channels with over 100 users and looking to grow!

🔥Hot Spot 🔥
Chill Memes Social FUN Economy

Chill rules and 2100+ members. ○ Rapidly-Growing Server ○ Activity-Based Economy & Levels ○ Self-Roles ○ 2:1 Male:Female Ratio ○ Music, Custom Bots

Community Social Memes Gaming CHAT

We are a general purpose server that has hosted events, a balanced role reward system, fun bots and more.

lgbt friendly NSFW Social Anime Memes

don't let the name scare you away, pissville is a pretty neat place with a lot of cool people and staff where you can hang out and be yourself

Arabianonymous YouTube
SFW Hiring professional Memes Gaming

Everything, gaming, tech, memes, fun, music all in one server. A high level of professionalism & A-grade security are both guaranteed to be delivered if you join the server.

Weeb chillout lounge
Anime FUN Social Memes For weebs

P L S_ J O I N P L S_ J O I N P L S_ J O I N P L S_ J O I N P L S_ J O I N P L S_ J O I N P L S_ J O I N P L S_ J O I N P L S_ J O I N P L S_ J O I N P L S_ J O I N P L S_ J O I N P L S_ J O I N P L S_ J O I N P L S_ J O I N P L S_ J O I N

ᴰᴬ ᵂᴼᴼᵀ ᵀяᴵᴮᴱ (MEME SERVER)
Memes FUN pewdiepie Cool roles Advertise

Welcome to Da Woot Tribe! We hope you have a nice stay here, and follow the rules at all times. Hope to see you soon!

NSFW Anime Entertainment Community Memes

Hello you have reached Neusxanity Page please read the long desc for a full in-depth informations or you'll be a little confused!

The Unleash Warriors: Corruption Rising
Roleplay Community Memes

The Unleash Warriors was a project back in 2016, and now it's has become a roleplaying server for everyone to come and try. Create your own character, make friends and enemies and embark on your own journey in the world of Aroetem!

Project Alaska
NSFW talk Write Memes

We are a small community, we got memes, Talking channel , writing channel and lots of nice members :=) join us!

Charlies Ranch
Community Memes ART Growing

Just your local server, but with a bit of yee in your haw! Just your local server, but with a bit of

Advertising Server
Advertising Memes giveaway Advertise Community

Here you can advertise anything from your Discord server, to your YouTube/social media, or even your artwork!

Spooky Booty Bangers
Anime Gaming Social Memes FUN

⭐Anime⭐Gaming⭐Fun⭐Social⭐Art⭐Memes⭐ | A Small Community Opening Itself Up to the World and Everyone is Welcome! Name comes from a copypasta.

Chatroom Of Random
Social Lonely Sad Gaming Memes

Welcome to Chatroom Of Random We Are A Family Friendly Discord Server With Full Of things to do Here! We Have Gaming Channels, Only For Minecraft, Fortnite, And Roblox. Still Working On Others.

Community Music Games Memes German

Ein angenehmer Server auf dem man sich mit anderen unterhalten, zusammen zocken, chillen und Musik hren kann.

Paradox Community
Memes Gaming

plz join

Gaming Talking/VC Memes Giveaways Support

We have many game channels like GTA5, Fortnite, Rust, and many others. We host giveaways for accounts and roles, and sometimes games. There is a channel for "everything" if you are not interested in games. Need support, ask staff

Internet Café
Community 18+ Dating Gaming Memes

We're an 18+ social server, looking for some new friends or a relationship then why not join up and hang out with our friendly and welcoming community!

UwU Central
Friendly Chill Memes 15+ 1-1Ratio

Do you want to find friends? Discuss interesting topics? Play videogames and online board games? Share memes, photos, art, and music? Then "UwU Central" is the server you were looking for! Here you can do all of the above and more

Fabulous Music
Music Memes Hangout Music bot

Hello! Welcome to Fabulous Music we are new to Discord! We welcome all to come and to join and hangout with us!