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e-dating Gaming Memes FUN Chill

Welcome to Galaxy! featuring different topics like - Anime, friendly environment , active server,Gaming,enjoy and chill with premium music bots and more to be added, join us and have fun.

Fluffy's House
Furry SFW FUN Emotes Memes

Fluffy's house is a Safe For work, furry based server of a cute sticker pack! We are a small and welcoming group of furs to fellow furry's and non furry's.

♡𝕡𝕒𝕩 𝕙𝕒𝕥𝕖 𝕔𝕝𝕦𝕓♡
Hangout Chill Memes

Share The Meme
Memes Games FUN

Welcome to Share The Meme! Its a meme server, with a small, but great community. We post memes, make original memes, and have meme compilation videos. The best part is, we offer a adjusted, censored experience to those who want it.

The Hideout
Memes Social Community NSFW FUN

The Hideout is a social community to have fun and share even the raunchiest memes!

C̸͐ursed̴̄̂ Network
Memes Community Anime Emotes Cursed

C̸͐͑ursed̴̄̂ Network is a small but growing server! We offer 100+ Emotes, Anime, Memes, and more!

Cola clan
Anime Gaming Memes

COLA clan is a discord server with tons of things to do come meet new people share memes, anime stuff, nsfw (if your into that kinda stuff), art, pet pics and much more

Gaming Musik Suchten Minecraft Memes

Hi! come and join my new discord server but only minecraft players :D and u can listen music and more shit xD

In Need
Christian Religious Chill Memes Discussion

A chill server for everyone to gather, discuss religion, learn about Christianity, or just have a good time.

Meme Kingdom
Memes epic

The meme server just join please

auntie's twitchcord
Gaming Community Overwatch Memes Dating

memes, videogames, self roles, eboys, egirl

Gaming CHAT Active Memes hype

Hype is a new community discord server for all of you hypesquad members out there. We are a diverse community of gamers and other professions. We have colored roles, music bots and active+friendly staff members!

marks slave bot support!™
BOTS Support bot Memes Community

a fun server to sit and chat and make friends! we have our own discord bot, janual! he has 30+ commands for you to use! he will punch, kick, slap, or snap other user out of existence! we hope to see you their!

Memes MEME Social social media

This is a discord server the Instagram page @omnivores.mp4. We are friendly and we also send memes!

The Royalè Palms Resort!
Community Furry SFW Roleplay Memes

Welcome to the royal palms resort Located in the island of banoi We have a evergrowing server that is SFW You can make friends roleplay chat ! and so much more Here no one is unwelcome We welcome Furries Scalies LGTBTQ disabled people and

NSFW Gaming Memes Community Social

We are a community that has gaming nsfw channels and bot commands We hope You enjoy your stay in Dynamite.

Dream Bean Coffee ☕
German Chill Events Music Memes

Wir sind ein Deutscher Server der sich über jedes Member freut, ebenso haben wir ab und zu Events.

Spooky Booty Bangers
Anime Gaming Social Memes FUN

⭐Anime⭐Gaming⭐Fun⭐Social⭐Art⭐Memes⭐ | A Small Community Opening Itself Up to the World and Everyone is Welcome! Name comes from a copypasta.

Chatroom Of Random
Social Lonely Sad Gaming Memes

Welcome to Chatroom Of Random We Are A Family Friendly Discord Server With Full Of things to do Here! We Have Gaming Channels, Only For Minecraft, Fortnite, And Roblox. Still Working On Others.

Chips, Dip, & Hentai
Chill Memes NSFW Community FUN

We are an NSFW Community with fairly relaxed rules based mostly around memes with multiple SFW and NSFW chat and image channels with over 100 users and looking to grow!

lgbt friendly NSFW Social Anime Memes

don't let the name scare you away, pissville is a pretty neat place with a lot of cool people and staff where you can hang out and be yourself

SFW Hiring professional Memes Gaming

Everything, gaming, tech, memes, fun, music all in one server. A high level of professionalism & A-grade security are both guaranteed to be delivered if you join the server.

UwU Central
Friendly Chill Memes 16+ 1-1Ratio

Do you want to find friends? Discuss interesting topics? Play videogames and online board games? Share memes, photos, art, and music? Then "UwU Central" is the server you were looking for! Here you can do all of the above and more