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Discord server Social Mental Health Support

🌼🌸🌺SweetSpot - Super-Sweet Support Server🌺🌸🌼 🧠Mental Health Help ❤️Make Lifelong Friends 🤗Positive Safe Space 🎶Poetry & Music

Phoenix Hotline
Mental Health Community LGBT+ Suicide Prevention

╚»⭐️«╝ Phoenix Lounge ╚»⭐️«╝ About us: We are a Mental Health discord trying to help everyone! Make sure to be nice to everyone. Everyone is equal here. What is offered in the community: ➢Advertising your socia

The Unholy Sanctuary
Friendly Mental Health Small trying

We are currently a small community looking for members who struggle feeling like they have a voice to express themselves. We do try our best to reply to everyone in a fast and simple manner. We tend to be blunt when giving advice.

💙;Wellness Recovery;💙
Mental Health Support Depression Anxiety Peer Run

Family Friendly Server (No Triggers Please) **A Mental Health Awareness Support Gaming Community!** -Support channels for mental health challenges. -Coping skills channel. -Question of the Day Channel

Alters & Friends
Mental Health DID OSDD

We provide a safe and welcoming DID/OSDD

The Void | Safety in Numbers
mental-health safe-space OSDD DID Mental Health

What is "The Void | Safety in Numbers"? The Void is a place of safety, understanding, and care. We open our server to individuals with DID/OSDD & those looking to support systems & learn more!