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Mineplus Discord
Minecraft trolling FUN cool laugh

Mineplus is a community where you can hangout on discord, be on the Minecraft server or both! we like to keep things chilled. we have staff that are looking foward to accommodate and Hang around with you. You'll Love It! Join Now

Gaming deutsch Minecraft GTA CSGO

Wir sind ein kleiner deutscher Discord für verschiedene Spiele wie zum Beispiel: GTA, Minecraft, Terraria, CSGO und vieles mehr. Wir fügen auf anfrage auch andere Spiele hinzu. Falls ihr Fragen habt könnt ihr sie dem Team gerne stellen.

Hytale Hub
Hytale Minecraft Gaming block Chill

➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ Hytale Hub ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ *est: December 29th, 2018* An Hytale server full of gamers, who are all excited and loving Hypixels game, Hytale **We have** ✓ Friendly Members! ✓ Tight Security! ✓ Anyone

The gamer lair
Minecraft Community PVP Gaming

We're a fun minecraft community server

CSGO Minecraft talk

Cause I'm Bored

Docs Crew Deutscher Discord
Gaming German gta5 Minecraft Destiny 2

Wir sind Doc´s Crew! Auf unserem Server könnt ihr mit euren Freunden spielen und Neue Freunde kennenlernen! Natürlich gibt es auch ein paar Regeln, aber diese bekommt ihr sofort per DM wenn ihr unserem Server beitretet!

The Rolli´s🎮 ( Beta )
Minecraft Raft GTA Astroneer PUBG

This is a gaming Server

Gaming Minecraft Social FUN Nitro

Du suchst einen neuen und Spannend CityBuild Server mit Coolen Rechten und Funktionen mit einer tollen Community ?? Dann bist du ein uns genau richtig. Wir haben ein professionelles Support Team was dir bei Fragen/Problemen weiterhilft.

Minecraft Community Small Open

RealmportalMC is a community Minecraft / Discord server We are a close community looking for new members. Our minecraft server is public with no whitelist. Hope to see you there ~Paintsplatters

Plasma Gaming
Gaming Community rocket league Minecraft Music

Enjoy games, right? The type doesn't matter, what matters is the place to share your experiences. Here's your chance! Plasma Gaming's a gaming community like no other!

Survival Fun
Minecraft survival Community Vanilla

This is the discord server for the Survival Fun minecraft server.

Spirit Realm
Minecraft lounge FUN Chill Friendly

This is the discord server for our newly launched Skyblock Minecraft server! The ip is: spirit-realm.mc.gg. Come join us and have some fun!

Grenn groupe
Jeux Gaming Minecraft RPG grade

Green group, un serveur normal mais avec un system rpg avec des donjons de clasement des batailles ,de la money, etc... !Vous aimez minecraft !? il y a un system de block,de pioche, de miner ,de money, de level etc.. Il y a des mini jeux sl

Thot Patrol Network
Gaming Minecraft money Challenge FreeMoney

The Thot Patrol Network will be giving our free prizes to whoever gets the most invites by the Minecraft Server Release.

The Gamers Discord
Gaming Minecraft rocket league Overwatch

A fun server where you can meet a bunch of people to play a variety of games with.

The ExperienceKings of The Earth
Roblox Minecraft Geometry Dash Gaming FUN

In this gaming server, you can talk about almost any gaming topic!

K&A ♡
Minecraft Music Friends

hi we need more friends

fart but p
Games Memes Community Minecraft tf2

join now, im not gonna write a weird ass thing to grab your attention, just join

Minecraft MCPE MCBE FUN Gaming

Uma pequena comunidade de Minecraft Bedrock Edition, com notícias e outras coisas.

Bright Lightning's Server
youtuber Gaming Minecraft

Bright Lightning's Server. Fun Bots and and events Good Staff And Friendly Owner Bright Lightning's Server. Fun Bots and and events Good Staff And Friendly Owner

Gaming Minecraft weeb

We wish to complete the Minecraft server's main set up soon. what we hope to be implemented in this server is - A 1.8 style combat plugin to make the combat more fast paced and comfortable - some other things SCP-____-J is here so I

ichmagpizza119 Discord
Pizza Minecraft Radio Games

Der Server ist ein Minecraft, Radio, Musik, mit Paxbot und mit Discord Pizza, Ich freue mich auf euch.

New Chicken Empire
Gaming Anime Memes Minecraft Destiny2

join pls my serber very inactive and I believe you can change that. we play games n stuff very cool ye

ELECTROHAXZ Hexxit [Official]
Minecraft hexxit modded Gaming FUN

Join our growing community for the ELECTROHAXZ Hexxit Modded Minecraft server! Running latest Hexxit Updated modpack! All details in welcome channel!