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Midnight Milkbar
Community ART Music Lgbt Gaming

A cute little server for you to chat with others and share your art/music!!

Royal Music Community
Music Hip-Hop Rap Social FUN

We are a Hip-Hop focused server that provides a friendly and welcoming environment to help better develop your craft, promote your music, or just to chill and have fun. (All music is welcomed and appreciated)

Chill Community Gaming Music FUN

Gamers, talent, community. We have it all, but we also have weekly competitions and sometimes large contests that have monetary prizes like discord nitro! Come join and make some friends!

Sharing is Caring
Anime Manga Games Community Music

We wanna make a nice place for everyone We need active people who don't mind to stay even if it's quite quiet sometimes You can come to share what you do or like, and hang out with people!

Dream Bean Coffee ☕
German Chill Events Music Memes

Wir sind ein Deutscher Server der sich über jedes Member freut, ebenso haben wir ab und zu Events.

K&A ♡
Minecraft Music Friends

hi we need more friends

Minecraft Community (server coming soon!)
Giveaways Gaming Music giveaway Community

Want to join an advertisement discord with almost no partnership requirements? a server with plenty of channels and giveaways? Well, you've come to the right place!

✞ Sword of Truth ✞
Christian Community Social Support Music

Join us. We are a loving Christian community focused on encouraging, supporting and helping those in need.

Martin Garrix Fan Community
Music Garrix EDM Producing Martin Garrix

Talk with other fans about all the latest stuff in EDM And/or join our producers team to talk with other people with the same interest as you!

Swag Network (Beta)
Gaming Community Memes Music Social

Hey @everyone. Welcome to SwagNetwork. This is a discord server for gamers. We here are a friendly server with fun stuff and we hope to see you have fun here too! Our server's aim is Respect. @☆~{Owner}~☆ - @:fire:iUseSkillClien

Nekow'munity FR
Community Gaming Music

Serveur FR , ayant pour but de fournir un maximum de contenus , le serveur s'appuie principalement sur les suggestions des membres pour son évolution .

Music ableton flstudio soundcloud

DIGITAL GHOST ALLIANCE | Music Collaboration | Digital Media | 3D Art | Meta | Programming | Gaming | Bots | Over 1 year! http://digitalghost.org https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChx686uctE_rlSuUp1D3rsg https://www.facebook.com/Digital

Gaming custom bots Music Community money

╋━━━━━━◥◣◆◢◤━━━━━━━╋ Unknown - A Gaming Community ╋━━━━━━◢◤◆◥◣━━━━━━━╋ Are you looking for a growing server, bored of all them other servers that are the s

The regular server
Music 12+ Social FUN Gaming

This is a chill server to just talk and play games on!

Community Music Games Memes German

Ein angenehmer Server auf dem man sich mit anderen unterhalten, zusammen zocken, chillen und Musik hren kann.

Gamer’s Wonderland
Gaming Music Giveaways Events

Our server is a community server based around gaming but has many other things, like music, weekly events, and even giveaways! We have custom roles and need a staff team. We are always taking suggestions and looking to improve.

Anime Social Minecraft VRChat Music

New social server to make new friends and find people to play games with.

youtube FUN NSFW Programmer Music

W̴̌͌Ȅ̸̕L̸͊̃C̴͆̈́O̸͊͛M̵̆̀E̴͕̾ ̵̒̀T̶͐̿Ơ̵͝ ̸̺͠1̴̃͂.̸͆̓0̸͊͘_̶̓̏G̴͐̿L̵̤̆I̶͊̍T̴̠̄Ć̶̌H̶͆͗ This is a server for those of all interests!

Draken Network
Community Gaming Chill Music

Draken Network is a server for anyone! Gaming needs, socializing, artwork, we have everything!

Oppa's Academy
Anime Music Kpop Community Friendly

Welcome to Oppa's Garden, we're a lovely, laidback, and fun community welcoming all people who are looking for a place to stay! Join and make yourself at home!

SPACEMAN Official Discord
webcomic pixelart voice chat Music FUN

This is a server for our webcomic development however, we want to keep it light and breezy in our discord server. Please join and just have a good time overall :)

Warframe game Music

Самое большое сообщество warframe альянс X-HED.

Hardstyle 4 Ever ✨
Music musique Communauté hardstyle Chill

"Hardstyle 4 Ever" est un serveur fait pour parler de hardstyle.

Fabulous Music
Music Memes Hangout Music bot

Hello! Welcome to Fabulous Music we are new to Discord! We welcome all to come and to join and hangout with us!