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Teen Land
teen daiting 13-17 FUN New verify

This is a brand new server that involves dating , making friends and chilling in here u will find music and a community that might be toxic lol.

GOML Gaming Co
Arma 3 Community Gaming New Need staff

We're striving to create a well established community of fun, relaxed, and mature gamers. King of the battle!

Wolves Dynamic
Roleplay Wolves New Explore

Wolves on discord is based in the year 4067, humans have gone extinct, the animals (Mainly wolves) Can explore the channels and let their imaginations run wild! Overall a very fun server.

Universe Gaming
Gaming FUN Chill New BOTS

Wir sind eine kleine CSGO und R6 Community die auch gerne paar andere Spiele spielt. Schau einfach mal vorbei:)

Minecraft Needstaff New Need staff survival

Minecraft community discord server

Meme Bandit HQ
MEME New Friendly CHAT

A newly made meme server!!1!11!