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Yaoi Clubhouse
Yaoi NSFW Gay Roleplay 18+

Come join our Yaoi server that also has NSFW Roleplay!

Eqnax: Mark 2 [RP]
Roleplay Discord server Fantasy

Eqnax is a Medieval-fantasy roleplay server that heavily focusses on its in-depth lore and customisation.

👑 Hall Of Yiff 👑
Furry NSFW Roleplay Gaming 18+

This server is an up and coming furry one. The goal of the server is to bring Many fandoms together to a judge free, kink shame and toxic free environment. What this server includes: ~Tons of yiff and themed yiff ~Nsfw furry bot ~le

Aurora Springs ❧
18+ Roleplay ERP Romance Slice of Life

Aurora Springs is a literate roleplay servers for people who enjoy a casual, slice of life setting. It centers around a town in the rockies where all walks of life are welcome to stay.

Furry Furry Fandom NSFW Community Roleplay

Official Discord for FurFang Social Furry Network | A friendly open Furry Community, Where every voice is heard! (Ran by 10 Year Furry Veteran)

DDLC Fanbase
MEME Friends Social Roleplay

DDLC Fanbase is a Discord Server for all kinds of DDLC Fans! Here you can chat, share Fan Arts or theories, make friends, ropeplay and much more!

Spatoon Community Tournaments Smash Bros Roleplay

A Splatoon 2 and Super Smash Bros Ultimate server. looking for people to join!

Rick and Morty/Gravity Falls
Gravity Falls Roleplay fandom Community

Just a place for fans to hang, chat or roleplay

☕ Le Café - Ekarion
pub Roleplay French

• Bonjour/bonsoir à toi, cher rôliste ! - Mon rôle est de te présenter Le Café, c'est un serveur de partenariat spécialement dédié aux serveurs Rôleplay !

Mission Re-population
Impregnation Roleplay Pregnancy Breeding ERP

‡ Mission Re-population This server for people who love the impregnation/breeding and pregnancy kink. We also accommodate for others as well.We also have a pregnancy/fertility bot to help with roles and kinks, fun and custom bots.

Invader Zim Fans
Invader Zim Cartoon Roleplay fandom

A place for fans of Invader Zim

Subs and Switch Space
NSFW Furry pony Roleplay bdsm

SaSS is an 18+ pony and furry server meant for erp, sharing lewd art, and a bunch of kinky stuff in general. We will happily accept anyone that comes in no matter their sexuality or dominance. We don't bite.. Unless you're into that

Dislemo - Furry Server
Furry Roleplay Community Community

a smol server im willing too fill up!

Union of Socialist Republics
Social Community Roleplay

For all of those communists to roleplay, look at memes, read the newspaper and help the server grow. The server provides you with roleplay, you can become a KGB agent... or a famer. All comrades are welcome.

W.i.p °•Medieval roleplay•°
Roleplay Table-top RPG DND

This server is where you can play with friends Dungeons and Dragons style! Defeat opponents! Raid towns! Conquer kingdoms!

Ponyville Plaza
mlp brony pony Roleplay

One of the largest and most active my little pony/brony discord servers, Art marketplace, roleplay and much more.

The Unleash Warriors: Roleplaying Server
Roleplay Community Memes

The Unleash Warriors was a project back in 2016, and now it's has become a roleplaying server for everyone to come and try. Create your own character, make friends and enemies and embark on your own journey in the world of Aroetem!

FUN Gaming Roleplay Other

Hey du! Komm gerne auf meinen Discord! Es ist leer? Es kommen noch sehr viele Spieler drauf also warum wartest du noch?

Asocial Society
Social MEME FUN Roleplay

AS (Asocial Society) is a Discord Server for all kind of people! Here you can chat, make friends, play with the bots, roleplay and much more!

Passions & Desires
NSFW Sexting Roleplay pictures Social

Passions & Desires is a server with friendly members, no taboos, and a lot of adventures to live with us ! Meet us all now~

Sanders Sides RP
Roleplay Sanders Sides Sanders Sides

A roleplay server for Sanders Sides! 4 bots have been added so far.

Sparkling Force
Friends Community Gaming Roleplay FUN

Sparkling Force is a small friendly community with a variety of games to play such as Wolfia, Catching Pokemon, Gambling, Play by post DND and more! Join us. We won't bite.

BNHA Shinano Institute
Bnha Mha Roleplay bnha-rp

Set on a paralleling universe to bnha, Shinano Institute is a BNHA OC roleplay server focusing on another hero school in Japan.

Welcome to Hazel!
Fetish Roleplay City Human

Breast expansion City Management story Roleplay for crazy people!