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Eclipse of Butterflies
Cummunity Anime Gaming Roleplay Friendly

Welcome to Eclipse of Butterflies we are a new server featuring different topics like Role-play, Anime, Gaming and more to be added, join us and have fun.

Yaoi Clubhouse
Yaoi NSFW Gay Roleplay 18+

Come join our Yaoi server that also has NSFW Roleplay!

Aurora Springs ❄
18+ Roleplay ERP Romance Slice of Life

Aurora Springs is a literate roleplay servers for people who enjoy a casual, slice of life setting. It centers around a town in the rockies where all walks of life are welcome to stay.

Yaoi & Yuri Cafe
Yaoi Yuri Roleplay Community Gaming

Welcome to the Yaoi & Yuri Cafe! We're trying to expand and grow, looking for members that want to be apart of a tight knit community/family, whose interests are yaoi and yuri, obviously. Gaming, anime, art, roleplay, etc!

Gaming Anime esports Roleplay Pokemon

Looking for an actual active server? A fun community to make friends, game, bots, and so much more? Join!

Multi Fandom
marvel dc Roleplay crossover multiverse Anime

A restart of the server where all the multiverses collide, DC, Marvel, Anime, Harry Potter, Star Wars, LOTR, The Doctor, Avatar: The Last Airbender, anything! LGBTQ+ Friendly and Semi-Literate server (LOTS OF CHARACTERS AVAILABLE!)

Roleplay NSFW SandBox para rp

we are a brand new sandbox roleplay server. at PROBLEMATIC you can rp all of your guilty pleasures, from murder to smut to self-insert mary sues.

Discord DateRoom (18+)
ERP Roleplay Nudes Sex

Come join a new and upcoming, amazing Discord Erotic Roleplay server. 18+, zero tolerance policy to toxic members. ✅ Selfroles ✅ Verified Males and Females ⭐ ✅ Verifying is always optional and never required ✅ Male and Femal

Cell F-2
Anime Manga Furry Roleplay

This server is for me, my madness & my friends. You can join too if you want 🥀

Roleplay Medieval Fantasy 18+

#BlkDragon*Inn began in 1995 on IRC, and now we’re on Discord! Over the years, players have built up a world with tons of lore, but there’s always room for people to flex their own creativity! https://www.blkdragon.com/

[2.0] Discord DateRoom (18+)
Sexting egirls Roleplay Dating

✅ Selfroles ✅ Verified Males and Females ⭐ ✅ Verifying is always optional and never required ✅ Male and Female selfies ✅ Erotic Roleplay 🍆 ✅ 400+ members ✅ Partnerships

タウン | Atasaki RP
Roleplay SFW Anime Manga Community

We are a new roleplay server that has many aspects like clans, battles, a variety of different bots, and many more things to enjoy!

Spatoon Community Tournaments Smash Bros Roleplay

A Splatoon 2 and Super Smash Bros Ultimate server. looking for people to join!

Dawn Of Vigilantes
Roleplay Superhero Fighting

Cities and Towns are filled with crimes, join the fight as a Hero or Villain.

Cream RP - Entrevistas
GTA V gta online Roleplay Ps4 españa

Buenas! Somos un servidor de GTA V Roleplay para PS4 por ahora, somos conscientes de que no todo el mundo puede jugar en pc y por eso estamos aqui, somos un servidor SERIO estilo DESPISTAOS, Un Saludo, te esperamos!

⋆✦✶Jargons Temple✶✦⋆
Chillaxe Roleplay

⋆✦✶Eh- Just have fun and chill✶✦⋆

Black Mesa Research Facility
Roleplay Community Black Mesa Aperture Half-Life

The story takes place in the year 1983, Black Mesa, New Mexico. The Black Mesa Research Facility is hidden from the general public to ensure secrecy and security of research. A few of the job opportunities in the Black Mesa Research Facilit

Multiverse Academy
Roleplay FUN multiverse Marvel Community

Welcome to Multiverse Academy! A server where heroes or people without powers go to hang out, train each other, do whatever you want! Anyone can be anyone in this place. United as one, they join together to beat whatever comes in their way.

Infinite War
Roleplay war Creativity

An infinite war has emerged, this came after one major war, and multiple stuff happened.

Eqnax: Mark 2 [RP]
Roleplay Discord server Fantasy

Eqnax is a Medieval-fantasy roleplay server that heavily focusses on its in-depth lore and customisation.

Athena Station
Roleplay space station sci-fi futuristic Space

Roleplay server built with passion, looking forward to greet new members with a friendly and fair staff. Self made lore, roles and jobs available to claim, propose and improve along with us all.

FUN Roleplay Community Gaming Music

A Friendly New server for Night Owls, Caffeine Sucker, Anime Lover, Movie Lovers, Pro Gamer. Make new friends and have fun too much fun.

Hanjou Academy for Troubled Kids
Anime Roleplay School ERP Supernatural

This server contains NSFW Content and ERPing is allowed here. This server was created 18/07/2019.

Ephemeral Creations
Roleplay Creative Writing

A small, polite community of experienced roleplayers.